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Purple Flowers


                         About: Shirley Ann MacKillop

  • I was born in Oban (The highlands of Scotland) in the 70's From a very young age I always had the desire to create using some sort of arts and crafts form. Drawing, painting, sewing—the list is endless. I was only ever happy when using my creative side.

  • I became involved in fantasy art in 2000 when I sculpted my first fairy. Although it wasn’t very good, I loved the fact that I had created this little sculpted fairy from my own imagination. I continued to sculpt more fairies, learning something new with each one.

  • I feel now I have grown as an artist, but continue to grow and learn more with each sculpture that I make. Each one of my creations that appears from the clay, whether it be fairy or mermaid, makes me so happy knowing that I created it from within! I have also recently found my way back to 12th scale miniature work and built my second dolls house but first fairy house. Currently I am designing some smaller fairy houses so hopefully that will be something I can offer along with the 12th scale sculptures to go with them in the future.  Another creative path I am now on is watercolour painting, again something I am still learning in but maybe one day, my sculptures can be brought to life in paint too. 

  •  Honours and awards

  •  Weefairytales is proud to have received the following  honours and have the following magazine publications below:


       Awarded Master Doll Maker Certificate of Achievement
                     by the Professional Doll Makers’                                                                         27th January 2008 


 Participated in the January 2008 IDEX show in Orlando, Florida,
                        with Jack Johnston.

Watercolor Butterfly 15

Won an Honorable Mention in the 2004 ProSculpt Scholarship Award Contest for fairy, Bailie

Pink Illustrated Flower

Featured in the November 2004 issue of Doll magazine (now Doll Reader)

Pine Spruce Branches 5

Featured in the October 2005 issue of Doll magazine (now Doll Reader)

Featured in the 2007 Professional Doll Makers’ Art Guild calendar

Pine Spruce Branches 5
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